40-Day MyZone Partner Fitness Challenge

For many people, summer is a crazy time of year filled with travel, events and kids activities. We want to make sure you don’t put your fitness on the back burner with our 40-Day MyZone Partner Fitness Challenge! The goal is to partner up with a friend/family member (we can partner you with someone else if you don’t have anyone in mind) and keep active over the next 40 days.

We are so concerned about your fitness that we are willing to bribe you with prizes just for staying active (they are listed below)! During our most recent challenge, we burned 968,338 calories (equal to about 276 lbs of fat) and expect to blow that number out of the water this time around! Here are all the details you need to know… 


Every 1,000 MEP’s (MyZone Effort Points) gets you & your partner an entry into the prize drawing. Each pound of weight loss gets you an additional entry. There will be 3 winning teams randomly selected from the drawing (your team can only win once).


June 1st – July 10th                                    Drawing will be held Wednesday, July 15th


There is no fee for participation; all you need is a MyZone belt. We will keep a weekly tally of the MEP’s at the gym so you can monitor your progress. Your MyZone belt will track your activity both in and outside of the gym.


Unlike measuring calories burned, MyZone effort points (MEP’s) are based on intensity to level the playing field; it doesn’t matter if someone is half your age or has more lean muscle. Although you do get points for weight loss, this challenge is more focused around rewarding you for the effort you put into your workouts.

Sound like fun?

Weigh-ins will take place between May 29th – June 2nd and July 9th – 13th. You can either purchase a MyZone belt for $75 or rent one for $25/month (the payment is applied towards the purchase price if you decide to keep the belt moving forward).


  • 2 Free months gym membership (1 for each teammate)
  • $200 Cash
  • 2-weeks free lunches from Fit Flavors (1 for each teammate)

Want more info or think this would be a good chance to get you back into a routine? Either call 314-952-9496 or email us at BlueOceanFitness@gmail.com to get started!

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