Mindset Matters

Once upon a time, there were twin 10 year old sisters, Patty and Nancy. Their parents thought it was odd that the girls, who they felt were raised the exact same way, behaved completely different.

Patty was very pleasant, positive and always upbeat. Nancy was unpleasant, rude and always angry about something.

Out of frustration, the parents met with a therapist, to try and understand what they might be doing wrong with Nancy. After the initial meeting with the twins, the therapist scheduled them to come back one week later.

When they returned a week later, the therapist separated the kids.

Nancy was put in a room with an Ipad, a trampoline, candy and an ice cream machine that offered 32 different kinds of ice cream!

Patty was put in an empty room next door with several piles of dog poop.

After a few minutes of observation, the therapist went in to see Nancy sitting in the corner upset and the following conversation took place…

Therapist: “What is wrong Nancy? What are you doing?”

Nancy: “I’m bored”

Therapist: “Bored? What about that Ipad sitting there, the trampoline or the ice cream machine?”

Nancy: “I probably need a password to use the Ipad. I am afraid of the trampoline because I might fall and get hurt. I don’t want the ice cream because I might get an upset stomach.”

In disbelief, the therapist took Nancy by the hand, walked over to the empty room and found Patty searching every corner of the room, giggling and smiling ear to ear.

Therapist: “Patty, what in the world are you looking for?”

Patty: “With all this poop everywhere, I thought there must be a puppy in here somewhere!”

The Nancy’s of the world can be given the best circumstances and somehow still find something wrong with them. The Patty’s of the world can find the positives in a room full of poop.

We might not always control how much ice cream or shit we are given, but we can control our attitude towards those circumstances.

Be thankful for the good things you are given. Gratitude is the attitude that changes everything!

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