4 Years of Thoughts and Craziness

Time has flown by and it feels crazy to think that we just celebrated our 4 year anniversary a week ago! I’d be a little worried if it felt like we’ve been in business 23 years so I see this as a major positive.

Each year after the celebrating settles down, I like to spend some time reflecting on what has happened over the last 365 days and where I see us going over the next 365 days.

First… Here are 4 things that stand out to me looking back over the last year. I included a few nuggets of information that you can hopefully apply to your own journey.

1) Teamwork makes the dream work

Most of us have heard this before but it REALLY hit home with me, especially over the last 6 months. What brought on this drastic change? Without question, the addition of Brittney and Jonny.

As some of you know, Emily was the first coach I hired and has been with me since the early days. Until Brittney and Jonny jumped on the crazy train, we’ve never had anyone else come on board full-time and contribute the way they both have done.

Their hard work and commitment are a big reason why I am able to spend time creating videos, writing and doing other activities to expand our reach and help more people.

Lesson learned: What activities are you doing that are keeping you from working towards your big goals? Who is on your team? Who has your back? What does your support system look like? Make sure to surround yourself with people that will advance your progress! 

2) Enjoy the journey

Without a doubt, I would say my personal single biggest change over not just the last year but the last 4 years is how I handle the peaks and valleys. I talk with lots of business owners in all different industries and 99% of them bring this subject up.

I’ve had more sleepless nights than I can count. I’ve had many months where I didn’t have a clue how I was going to pay the rent. I’ve wrote countless checks and prayed they wouldn’t bounce. I use to eat protein shakes and tuna salad for virtually every meal because that is all I could afford. I’ve had past employees not show up for work more times than I can count and missed some of my best friends’ weddings.

Still to this day, I arrive at the gym between 4-4:15am Monday-Friday and rarely work less than 70-80 hours in a week. Needless to say, I’ve questioned myself and my decision to open a gym MANY, MANY times.

Don’t feel sorry for me though because every time I feel like my back is against the wall something good happens, reminding me why I do this. I can’t image anything more rewarding or more fulfilling. I receive countless emails and text messages from people thanking me for my help, complimenting me on our staff of coaches and sharing stories about how we have positively impacted their life.

Even though the days are early and often long, I wake up every morning excited about what we do at Blue Ocean Fitness. The stories, the transformations and the laughs make it all worth it! Seriously, doesn’t this look like fun to you….

Lesson learned: We all have peaks and valleys throughout life. Sometimes things will be good and sometimes things will be bad. When things are bad, never get to down on yourself and bounce back as quick as you can. If you gain a lb or two after a rough weekend, keep your head up and get right back on track. When things are good, enjoy it but don’t let yourself get caught off guard if things don’t always continue to feel so perfect. If you make some major progress and see the scale dropping consistently, don’t get too upset if your progress slows down or if you do feel like you take a small step backwards every now and then. Enjoy the journey and have fun! 

3) I am 100% responsible

Ask any girl that I’ve dated (prior to Kelly), my parents, my brother, friends, etc and they could all confirm that I have not always been good about taking responsibility for my actions. Not sure when that started to change but when it finally did, I noticed a big improvement in many areas of my life.

Just in the last year, I’ve made more mistakes than I can count. Owning up to them and taking responsibility has been incredibly liberating! It makes me feel empowered and in control.

When things don’t go my way, I try to take a step back, think about the events that led up to that unpleasant experience and figure out what I should do different next time to create a better outcome. I don’t blame Obama, Bush, McDonald’s, the economy, bad luck or spoons (see image below).

Lesson learned: The only person’s fault for my life is me. The person I am today is the compounded result of my past decisions (both good and bad). Yes, we all have negative things that come up in life outside of our control but how we react and the actions that we make from there are completely up to us.


4) Find a slight edge

One thing I’ve gotten better and better at over the years is finding people smarter than me. I could spend days, weeks, months or years trying to figure out solutions to various challenges we see in the gym everyday and possibly never figure it out… OR I could go to someone that happens to be an expert in that area and learn directly from them. Basically, if someone already has the answers or experience I need, why waste time trying to reinvent the wheel or figure it out on my own?

For me this comes in all different formats: hosting workshops, attending workshops, reading books, watching DVD’s, joining mastermind groups, etc. The list goes on and on but without question, it is sooooo much easier to get what I want (in this example I am referring to knowledge and expertise but it applies to almost anything) by finding people that know more about it and have more experience than me. Without question, a huge chunk of our success at Blue Ocean Fitness comes from modeling other people’s success!

Lesson learned: What area are you struggling? Do you have resources that can assist you with these challenges? If so, are you getting the most out of those resources? If so, are you actually applying the information provided from those resources? Speaking about fitness specifically, the body is an insanely complex machine! If you are looking to improve your fitness, find a great coach or mentor to help you along the journey. Here is one of our local experts…



Now, enough talk about the past! What gets me really fired up is thinking about the future. To share a little insider information, here are 4 things you can expect to see over the next 12 months…

1) More short term challenges. We’ve had a TON of success with our recent short term challenges. Honestly, the results have more than exceeded my expectations (and I don’t say that often). Mentally more than anything, it seems that people tend to do better when they have a deadline (even if it is an artificial deadline). We are going to be offering even more challenges over the next 12 months than we did this past year. I look at it as running sprints. Work your butt off, stay focused, disciplined and give it everything you have for a short period of time and then follow that up with a period of slightly less focus… The key word being SLIGHTLY, not “completely fall off the wagon”:)

2) An expanded reach in an effort to help more people. If you’ve been following us for very long, you might have noticed we are posting more information and free resources online than ever before. Well things are just getting started… We are launching a podcast very soon to provide more resources, guidance and motivation. We also have an online platform that will give employers the tools and resources they need to help their employees be healthier and improve their fitness.

To be perfectly transparent, this focus on expanding our reach really began out of anger and frustration. I am really tired of seeing the poor and inaccurate information we are flooded with everyday. Everyone is an “expert” quick to tell you what you need before even considering what it is you want.

Specifically, I am referring to a lot of the “internet gurus”, “health coaches” and “celebrity trainers”, many of which have little experience actually working face to face with people but feel more than comfortable putting their two cents online (which is about all it should be worth) for thousands of people to see.

I am also talking about MLM and supplement companies that push product down everyone’s throat with false promises of life altering results all inside a few little pills or powders.

People need real guidance, education and support on how to make sustainable changes and set realistic expectations. We want to do our part to help people do the best they can with what they’ve got!

3) More focus on the mindset and how the brain and body work together. When people ask me what we do, my general response is that we help people look, move and feel better. While I still believe that is very accurate, we are only recently giving much thought into how the brain effects us physically and vice versa. This is one area in particular that I plan to investigate much further and believe will play a big part in helping people continue to improve.

4) Most importantly… Just like the work we are doing now is better than what we were doing 6 months ago, the work we will be doing 6 months from now will be better than the work we are doing today. I don’t know how, why, when, what or where it will happen but I am confident that it will. I couldn’t be more excited about the team I get to work with everyday! Everyone is completely on board with improving their skills and furthering their education. As we continue to grow and improve, we are excited to take that information and apply it to better help the clients we work with on a regular basis!

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