Week 19 Workouts 3 & 4

Move Better 2

Complete each of these exercises in the order prescribed 1-2 times each. Videos and instructions for each exercise can be found below.

  • TRX Chest Stretch x90 seconds
  • Upper Back Stretch with Isometric Hold x60 sec stretch, 30 sec press down, 30 sec stretch; repeat on other side
  • Leg Lowering x10 repetitions per side

Total Body 2

Set a timer. To begin complete one repetition of each exercise in the order prescribed. At the start of the second minute complete two repetitions of each exercise in the order prescribed. At the start of the third minute complete three repetitions of each exercise in the order prescribed. Repeat until you can no longer complete all of the repetitions within one minute. To modify the workout, instead of starting at the top of every minute change your time to begin every 90 seconds. Videos and instructions for each exercise can be found below.

  • Crawling (1 repetition = 1 step with each hand)
  • Lunge Matrix (1 repetition = 1 forward, 1 side & 1 reverse lunge)
  • Plank + Reach (1 repetition = 1 reach with each hand)
  • Bodyweight Squat

Exercise Demonstrations and Coaching Tips:

TRX Chest Stretch

Coaching points:

If performing at home, you can do this in a doorway or hallway (both arms or one arm at a time). Step forward with one foot and the arms out to the side. To increase the stretch, slowly  continue to move your feet forward and gently lean into it.

As you can see at the :13 and :17 second marks in the video, by changing the angle of your arms you will slightly change the direction of the stretch. Try it with the arms at different positions to see where you get the greatest stretch.

Upper Back Stretch with Isometric Hold

Coaching points:

Start kneeling with your knees, hips and shoulders in a straight line and your arms extended in front of you resting on an object that will not move (foam roller, table, bed, couch, etc).

1) Drop your hips back towards your heels and tuck your head between your shoulders so that you feel a stretch around your armpits. Hold stretch for specified amount of time.

2) After holding for the specified amount of time, maintain that position and press your palms down into the foam roller (or table/bed/couch/etc). You should feel the muscles around the armpits working. Continue pressing down for specified amount of time.

3) After pressing for the specified amount of time, maintain that position and try to tuck your head between your shoulders further than you did initially and hold the stretch for specified amount of time.

If you feel discomfort in your shoulders during this exercise, try doing it without tucking your head between your shoulders as much.

Leg Lowering

Coaching points:

With one knee bent, place a band (can substitute a belt, towel, rope, etc) around the opposite foot and raise the straight leg 70-90 degrees up off the floor so the bottom of your foot is facing the ceiling.

Bring the bent leg up towards the ceiling so the feet are together and slowly drop that leg down towards the floor. Make sure when you are lowering the leg that you do not round at the low back. Only drop the leg down as far as comfortable (you do not necessarily have to bring your heel all the way down to the floor). Hold at the bottom for 1-2 seconds before bringing the leg back up so the feet are together.

Complete all repetitions on one side before switching legs and repeating.


Coaching points:

Begin on your hands and knees with roughly 6″ between one hand and knee and double that distance between the other hand and knee. Pick your knees barely off the floor and simultaneously step with the leg furthest behind you and the opposite arm to begin.

Make sure to keep your knees close to the floor and start with taking smaller steps. The slower you go and longer you hold the arm and leg in the air, the more challenging the exercise will be.

Lunge Matrix

Coaching points:

There are 3 steps to this exercise.

1) Start with feet together. Step forward with one leg and bend the back knee down towards the floor. Just shy of the back knee hitting the floor, push through the front heel to drive you back up to the stating position.

2) Use that same leg and step laterally into a side lunge position (outside knee is bent with most of your weight on your heel). In the side lunge position, try to keep your inside leg straight. Use the outside leg to push into the floor returning you to the starting position.

3) Still on the same leg, step backwards until that knee is just shy of the floor. With the majority of your weight on the front heel, push into the floor to bring the feet back together in the starting position. Complete are repetitions on one leg before moving to the other side.

Plank + Reach

Coaching points:

Begin in a plank position on your elbows with your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles in a straight line. Lift one arm off the floor and reach in front of you while trying to minimize the amount your hips move. Bring the arm back down to the floor and reach with the other arm.

Alternate back and forth for specified number of repetitions focusing on keeping the hips still throughout the exercise.

Bodyweight Squat

Coaching points:

Position the feet about shoulder width apart (some people will feel more comfortable with a slightly wider stance). Point the toes ahead or slightly turned out (whatever feels most comfortable). Drop your hips back shifting the weight onto your heels and squat down.

Try to focus on not letting your upper body excessively fall forward. As shown in the video, you can elevate the heels just off the floor if you feel your range of motion is very limited.

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