5 Steps To Making Habits Stick

This is a 16-minute discussion on 5 steps to making habits stick and 3 strategies to minimize the damage from alcohol.


  1. We often make the same mistakes over and over without changing. We need to learn where we tend to fall off track and form better habits to create more success moving forward.
  2. Individually, small changes don’t seem like a big deal but over time they can help you achieve amazing results.

5 steps to making habits stick:

  1. A reason– Change is hard. Get clear on the payoff you’re after.
  2. A trigger– The moment before. What triggers current behavior?
  3. A new habit– Think short and specific.
  4. Practice– More repetition, more it’s hardwired into your brain.
  5. A plan– You won’t always get it right. Plan how to recover quickly.

Alcohol: 3 strategies to minimize the damage

  1. Alternate with water. Slows down consumption. Helps to stay hydrated.
  2. Create punishment/reward system. College story. 10 min cardio per drink.
  3. Plan ahead and set boundaries. How many drinks? Eat less earlier in day.
  4. [Bonus] Either-or. Don’t have both. We tend to overeat when we drink. Pick one.


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