The Patterson’s Success Story from the New Year, New You Challenge 2014

"We started the 2014 year with the sincere intention to change our body images. The time for talk and no action was over...we work out at least 2-3 times a week at BOF using the personal trainers. Each one of them are very good, except that they tend to smile as they make you do painful activities. Seriously, they are supportive through everything and encouraged us to keep our eye on the purpose of our journey, which was not just to win the challenge -- but to continue in the adventure that we had started. We have a term in our family "TEAM PATTERSON", which describes us being there for each other. We pushed each other to workout at BOF (and even did circuit training workouts at our home), and we were (are) consistent with the management of our calorie intake. Winning the contest is fantastic and totally unexpected, and we are excited about continuing down the road to smaller clothes :-)" --Jeff & Rachel Patterson

Ellen’s Success Story from the New Year, New You Challenge

"Wow, I cannot believe I won! I have worked out at Blue Ocean Fitness in the past. Over a year ago I made the decision to quit for budget reasons. Worst decision I have made in a long time. I thought I could continue exercising on my own. Like many I allowed "things" to get in the way. This past November my brother committed suicide and my grief brought me to my knees. In the process I spoke to my doctor and he encouraged me to talk with a counselor. At the same time John posted on Facebook his 6 week New Year New You challenge. I knew exercise was the best way for me to manage life and stress. I signed on! The hardest part for me was to make the phone call to John and admit I failed exercising on my own. I had regained the 25 pounds I had lost 3 years prior working with him. As we all know John is a bit sarcastic.....but he opened his door "judgement free" to me. I met with Chris first and she had me set goals. I typically go to the evening classes 3-4 x's per week. The hardest…

New CORE Class Offered at Blue Ocean Fitness

CORE classes are new this month! Your core muscles are similar to the foundation in a house; without a solid foundation, your house is doomed for problems to arise. The same is true for the human body. The core is essentially the starting point for all human movement. In today’s world, the majority of our waking hours are spent in a seated position. This passive lifestyle leaves us with less than optimal mobility and at greater risk of injury. Blue Ocean’s CORE class follows a systematic approach to improve mobility, stability and movement pattern efficiency. Utilizing a combination of core strengthening exercises, foam rolling, mobility and activation exercises, CORE will decrease the stress and load on your body allowing for better, pain-free movement. CORE sessions are 30 minutes and a great tool that can be incorporated before or after your strength training session, metabolic workout or done completely on its own. If you are not a member of Blue Ocean Fitness and you’re looking for a Chesterfield personal trainer, give us a call. We specialize in small group personal training and group class personal training!

Post Christmas Schedule 12/26/13

We will be open from 7am - 2pm on Thursday 12/26/13Group Sessions will be:8:30am - Metabolic10:00am - Total BodyWe will resume our regular schedule on Friday and Saturday.

Charity Bootcamp THIS Saturday, Dec. 7th

This Saturday is the Charity Bootcamp to benefit Coat-A-Kid. The only Group Sessions on Saturday will be for the bootcamp at 8am and 9:30am. Please invite your friends and family, and support a great charity!  

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