Biggest Winner, Ultimate Thinner – Contest Winners!!!!!

 BIGGEST WINNER, ULTIMATE THINNER WINNERS!!!!!! HALF POINT WINNERS: Team:  Kerin, Lindsey & Brandon = 2.86%   $150.00 Individual:  TOP GUY:  Rob P = 2.1%  $50.00                                                           TOP GAL:  Kim B = 4.67% $50.00 FINAL GRAND PRIZE WINNERS: TEAMS 1st Place:  Heather, Rachel and Teresa = 4.17% $900.00 for team 2nd Place:  Kerin, Lindsey and Brandon = 3.88% $300.00 for team INDIVIDUALS 1st Place:  Kim B = 6.26% $250.00 2nd Place:  Lisa A = 6.06% $150.00 3rd Place:  Debbie S = 5.1% $100.00 4th Place:  Rob P = 5.06% $50.00 CONGRATS TO ALL OF OUR PARTICIPANTS!!!  In total we lost a combined 173.8 lbs. WE ARE ALL WINNERS!!!! 

Foundations Classes

Foundations Classes This month the Foundations Class will be focusing on: Improving flexibility through the trunk and hips Minimizing knee pain during exercise Join us this Tuesday, 11/12/13 at 6pm. If you can't make it Tuesday, we will offer again on the 22nd and 23rd.  Pick up a Group Schedule at the gym for details.  

Kettlebell Basics Training Class

KETTLEBELL BASICS A 90 minute experience!!   Saturday, 9/21 @ 8AM Thursday, 9/26 @6PM $19 In Advance  OR $29 At The Door (space is limted) Kettlebell Basics is geared towards educating the weekend warrior, general fitness enthusiast or beginner looking to add the benefits of training with kettlebells to their workouts. This hands on workshop will cover very simple concepts and information that can be immediately applied during your next workout. Kettlebell Swings:  one arm & two arm variations (one of the best exercises for burning fat). Kettlebell Carry:  great for building core strength and preventing back, hip & shoulder injuries. Kettlebell Deadlifts:   one & two leg variations (prevents low back pain, builds lower body postierior chain strength and decreases risk of injury for runner and cyclists. Kettlebell Press:   different variations will be covered that are great for building total body strength and increasing overall calorie burn. And more…      Know why and when you should use kettlebells.      Incorporate new movements into your workout program.      Understand how kettlebells can benefit you.      Avoid common mistakes made that often lead to injuries when using kettlebells. Blue Ocean Fitness 17065 Baxter Road, Chesterfield, MO 63005 314-952-9496 www.blueoceanfitness.net

Are Your Kids Fit?

I get questions everyday from clients about what their kids should and shouldn't do in regards to exercise or when they can start working out. With summer here and the number of questions rising everyday, I decided it was time to come up with a solution. For the months of June, July and August, we are offering a $50 discount to any of our  members' kids that would like to use the summer to improve their fitness and build a foundation for a healthier life. If you want to know what you can expect you can read below. Also, not to sound like a salesman (because I find that annoying), we are only going to take up to 20 kids. We just don't have the resources and staff to manage any more people without it affecting our current day to day operations. WHAT THIS IS:  A chance to learn how to properly exercise without getting injured. Education that they can use for a lifetime to remain healthy and fit (just think if you started exercising at a young age and stuck with it). A well rounded fitness program designed to help you look, move and feel your best. WHAT THIS…

BOF Social Run/Walk

Thursday, June 6 @ 7:30pm Join Emily and Chris for a run/walk on the levee.  We will meet at Blue Ocean Fitness. You are welcome to bring friends or family members who are not members of the gym.  The mo' the betta!  

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