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The #1 Key to Achieving your Health and Fitness Goals

When it comes to achieving your weight loss and fitness goals, there is one thing that is far more important than anything else. That one thing is consistency. Consistency is what you need on your side to ensure that you achieve the results you want! I understand that it is not always easy to make time for exercise, but it is the BEST thing for you. At the end of the day, we can’t do much to help you if you aren’t visiting the gym on a regular basis. For most individuals, exercising 10-12 times per month is going to be enough to see noticeable changes in your body. If you are someone that has struggled with being consistent in the past, here are a few suggestions our clients have shared with us that work for them: • Workout in the morning. Hands down over the last 11 years in this industry I have noticed that people who work out in the morning are more consistent. The facts are, they get it out of the way before surprises pop up during the day. • Schedule it. I know several people that will put it in their schedule as a “meeting”.…

A Better way to Measure Progress

When it comes to exercise, most people are REALLY bad at judging progress. For starters, we are harder on ourselves than we should be. I can’t tell you the number of people that walk through our doors for the first time and within five minutes are telling me everything they can’t do and why they have failed to make exercise a habit in the past. Somewhere during the conversation I will hear something like, “I don’t know if there is anything you can do to help me because you have probably not worked with anyone in as bad of shape as I am” (in truth, although they may be deconditioned, they are far from a ‘lost cause’ and will just take a little longer than some to see major change). Another problem with measuring progress is that we look at ourselves every day. What you don’t see in the mirror every day are the gradual changes taking place. No one ever wakes up and says “wow I look totally different” because compared to the day before you don’t. Even if you DID think you were noticing change you would probably talk yourself out of it because you don’t believe that…

5 Important Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Personal Trainer

The decision to hire a personal trainer can net you invaluable support and expertise for developing a strategy to get the results you are after. No matter the goal, you are looking for the right individual or team to help you reach higher and be your best. To help put your mind at ease, here are five simple questions to ask potential personal trainers. 1) “What kind of clients do you typically work with?” You should be looking for a personal trainer that works with individuals similar to yourself and with similar goals. Be cautious around trainers who claim they work with clients anywhere from 18 to 80 years old, runners, youth, non-athletes, etc. Try to find someone who specializes in the area of training that you need and has experience or stories to share from working with others that have been down a similar path as you. 2) “How are you continuing your education?” Good trainers can study hard and pass a test once. Exceptional trainers are learners that are consistently improving their skills. Ask a trainer specific questions to cut through the generic answers, such as “Who is your favorite expert in the fitness industry?”, “Do you have…


Attending our foundations class is a great way to focus on the basics of fundamental movement patterns, refine your technique and get all of your questions answered. Our topics vary month to month and we typically hold about 5 sessions that you can attend as a member of Blue Ocean Fitness. Benefits of foam rolling include: Foam rolling smooths and lengthens your muscles, and breaks up adhesions and scar tissue. Foam rolling improves blood circulation, which in turn speeds workout recovery and boosts performance. Nearly everyone can benefit from foam rolling. It only takes 5-10 minutes and it helps to correct muscle imbalances, poor posture and alignment and helps deal with the stress of everyday life. We learned a few techniques that help with particular muscles such as: 1. PIRIFORMIS (AKA: BUTT!) Sit on the roller with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor, hands behind you supporting your body. Cross one ankle onto the opposite knee. Tilt your bent knee down toward the floor to open your hip. Slowly roll back and forth. Switch. 2. RHOMBOID & LATISSIMUS DORSI (AKA: BACK MASSAGE!) Lie face up with the roller under your shoulder blades. Interlace your fingers and cradle your…

3 Reasons New Year’s Resolutions Suck and How to be in the 8%

It’s a long held tradition for people to write a laundry list of desired goals that they expect to achieve within the next 365 days. It comes as no surprise that New Year’s resolutions regarding exercise and weight loss are more common than most. Whether it is starting a new exercise program, making better food choices or getting back to your weight from ___ years ago, we all begin with good intentions. Unfortunately, good intentions alone are not enough. Roughly only 8% of Americans will be successful in reaching their new year’s goals. As depressing as that sounds, before you decide to throw in the towel this early in the year read below my three biggest reasons New Year’s Resolutions suck and what you can do to make it in that successful 8% group. Why New Year’s Resolutions Suck: 1. We bite off more than we can chew. We decide that this is the year for big changes! We go online, collect tons of information and come up with a long list of actions we will take and try to make them all happen at once. 2. We are doing the wrong things. Good for you if you are one…

Lessons I learned in 2013

2013 was a big year for Blue Ocean Fitness! I enjoyed all the laughs, parties, and of course the workouts. Our expansion in October was probably the most memorable experience I have to date. This was also another year full of learning experiences. Here are a few things I learned in 2013 that you might find interesting...  1. Breakfast may not be the most important meal of the day. I know what you’re thinking, “But everyone says that it’s important to have breakfast to get your metabolism going!” As I researched multiple studies on this subject, I found a lot of poor information. Many of the numbers were biased in a fashion to make their study prove a certain point. Basically, people are going to get the results they want to find when trying to prove their point. The skewed data isn’t the only reason I say this. Growing in popularity is intermittent fasting, which is periods of not eating or intake of minimal calories and followed by non-fasting. Intermittent fasting can vary from not eating for anywhere from 8-24 hours. From my personal experience and first hand experience working with others I have no question that skipping breakfast will not…

Habits to a Healthy YOU!!! Habit #7

Habit 7: Don’t freak out when you break the rules There is no pressure to be perfect. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t expect everything to change overnight. Your goal should be to get to the point where you can adhere to the habits 90% of the time. But be sure you are clear on what 10% really means. Did you forget to have protein with your meal? That counts. Did you skip a meal—check. Did you forget your veggies—you guessed it. All of those examples count as your 10% meals.   My advice would be to stick to the habits throughout most of the week so you can reward yourself with those foods you crave from time to time. You will notice that by including those unhealthy foods into your routine it helps to reduce the cravings.  

Habits to a Healthy YOU!!! Habit #6

Habit 6: Plan ahead and prepare food in advance The hardest part about eating well isn’t necessarily understanding which foods are good and which are bad. The hardest part is consistency. Sometimes good nutrition is less about the food and more about making sure the food is available when it’s time to eat. Thus, you will need to come up with food preparation strategies in order to ensure that you can consistently get the nutrition you need when you need it. Whether that means cooking a bunch of meals on a Sunday for the upcoming week or waking up 30 minutes earlier to prepare for the day. It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you get it done. Remember the old saying, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Habits to a Healthy YOU!!! Habit #5

Habit 5: Eat whole foods instead of supplements whenever possible Your food intake should come from high quality, largely unprocessed whole food sources that follow the other habits listed here. Sure it is easier to grab an energy bar or protein shake than to prepare a whole food meal. However, it’s best to get as many whole food meals as possible. Eat bars and shakes only when you’re crunched for time or during the post exercise period when a liquid protein shake is optimal.

Habits to a Healthy YOU!!! Habit #4

Habit 4: If fat loss is your goal, avoid carbs (not fruits and veggies) like the plague. Before you start to fuss—this is not a low carb diet. This is an individualized plan. If you want to lose fat, you must to control your carb intake where most of your carbs come from fruits and vegetables (preferably vegetables). Carbs are not filling and are easily stored as body fat if they are not burned through activity. Want bread, pasta, rice, sugary foods, etc.? If you are going suicidal without them, the best time to indulge is right after a workout. With that said, I am not endorsing Pasta House post-workout but I do understand food cravings and that is the best time to fulfill your cravings. When it comes to decreasing body fat, this carbohydrate timing strategy is the single most effective strategy I’ve ever used to kick-start fat loss in people with stubborn and hard-to-remove body fat stores. If your goal is to gain muscle, then you get more carbs. This is what makes this an individualized plan. Your goal will determine your carb intake.

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