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After being involved in fitness for nine years, I became increasingly frustrated at the poor standards in the industry. In my experience, working in both large and small facilities, I realized that all too often sales numbers were more important than member results.

One day while sitting at one of these big box gyms, I asked myself if I would ever feel comfortable sending my mother (who does not exercise) to workout without me. Without hesitation, my answer was NO! Why would I ever send her blindly into a gym without any real guidance and support, basically setting her up for failure?

That was when I decided it was time to do something about it. I wanted to create an experience that put the focus back where it belongs- on the client. Two months later Blue Ocean Fitness was born. I didn’t have a business plan but I had a vision and I knew that if I had the best interest of the client at heart, everything would fall into place.

To this day, our clients are still our top priority. We exist to change lives by helping people feel, move and look their best!

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