6 Week MyZone Summer Shape Up Challenge


Summer is right around the corner so we want to make sure everyone gets that little extra push and has the motivation they need to be their best! Every 500 MEP’s (MyZone Effort Points) gets you an entry into the prize drawing. Each pound of weight loss gets you an additional entry. There will be 5 winners randomly selected from the drawing (you can only win once).


73409_486605591396632_881286402_nApril 1st– May 12th
Drawing will be held Friday, May 15th


All you need is a MyZone belt to participate. We will keep a weekly tally of the MEP’s on the board so you can monitor your progress. Your MyZone belt can track your activity both in and outside of the gym.


Unlike measuring calories burned, MyZone effort points (MEP’s) are based on intensity to level the playing field; it doesn’t matter if someone is half your age or has more lean muscle. Although you do get points for weight loss, this challenge is more focused around rewarding you for the effort you put into your workouts.


How to start:

Weigh-ins will take place between April 1st-3rd and May 11th-13th. You can either purchase a MyZone belt for $75 or rent one for $25/month (the payment is applied towards the purchase price if you decide to keep the belt moving forward). Non members are welcome; you are not required to join the gym or committing to anything moving forward after the challenge (but seriously, why wouldn’t you?). Contact us to sign up or get more info at 314-952-9496 or BlueOceanFitness@gmail.com.


  • Free month gym membership
  • 50% off your next month’s gym membership
  • $100 Cash
  • 1-week free lunches from Fit Flavors
  • Supplement Superstore gift basket


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