August MyZone Challenge

  What is it: A little extra motivation with incentives to get back on track and making sure you're moving often. When is it: August 1st-31st How does it work: We are dividing up the month into three rounds. Each round we will enter participants into a drawing and give away prizes. Every 250 MEPS gets you an entry into the drawing. The more you move = the greater your chances of winning! Round 1: August 1st-10th (prizes drawn 8/12) Round 2: August 1st-20th (prizes drawn 8/23) Round 3: August 1st-31st (prizes drawn 9/2) Prizes: Round 1: Blender bottle & protein bar (8 winners) Round 2: Bender bottle, protein bar & Fit Flavors lunch (6 winners) Round 3: Blender bottle, protein bar, Fit Flavors lunch & foam roller (3 winners) Round 3: Blender bottle, protein bar, Fit Flavors lunch, foam roller & FREE manual therapy session (1 winner) *You may only win once per round

40-Day MyZone Partner Fitness Challenge

For many people, summer is a crazy time of year filled with travel, events and kids activities. We want to make sure you don't put your fitness on the back burner with our 40-Day MyZone Partner Fitness Challenge! The goal is to partner up with a friend/family member (we can partner you with someone else if you don't have anyone in mind) and keep active over the next 40 days. We are so concerned about your fitness that we are willing to bribe you with prizes just for staying active (they are listed below)! During our most recent challenge, we burned 968,338 calories (equal to about 276 lbs of fat) and expect to blow that number out of the water this time around! Here are all the details you need to know...  2136

6 Week MyZone Summer Shape Up Challenge

What: Summer is right around the corner so we want to make sure everyone gets that little extra push and has the motivation they need to be their best! Every 500 MEP’s (MyZone Effort Points) gets you an entry into the prize drawing. Each pound of weight loss gets you an additional entry. There will be 5 winners randomly selected from the drawing (you can only win once). 2039

Holiday Hold’em Fitness Challenge

Did you know the average person gains between 7-10 pounds during the holidays? In order to make sure that doesn't happen to you, we decided to put together a fun, 6 week fitness challenge to help you stay on track throughout the upcoming holidays! How does it work? The contest is 100% FREE. There is no commitment or expectation to join. Our goal is to help people survive this holiday season! You can begin collecting points as early as November 24th and the last day to participate is January 4th. Prizes will be awarded based on points collected. We will have random drawings each week to reward those for their hard work and some larger prizes at the end of the contest! You keep track of your points on your activity log sheet each week (we have these at the gym and yes this is the honor system). Weigh in once a week. Find an accountability partner. This partner does not have to participate in the contest; share your progress and weekly goals with this individual. How do you earn points? 50 points for every pound you lose (calculated at the end of challenge) 10 points for every Semi-Private training…

Bring a Friend FREE

As part of our 3 year anniversary celebration, we would like to open up our doors to your friends and family members. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for our loyal customers telling others about our services. From October 1st till the anniversary party on October 17th, bring a friend as often as you would like! When you bring a friend, let us know in advance so we can plan the best experience for them. We feel we have the best gym in town but talk is cheap. We want people to come meet our team, meet our other members and give us a chance to earn their business! No strings attached or commitment required, we just want a chance to show people what we can do for them, how our approach to fitness is unique and most importantly- why it works! Walk through the doors of Blue Ocean Fitness and you are likely to see a variety of people doing any number of activities. Ropes, weights, sliders, row machine or overhead throws. That’s the beauty of Blue Ocean. You never know what you will be doing or who you will be doing it with! Since joining Blue Ocean…

3 Year Anniversary Party

Help us celebrate our 3rd anniversary on Friday, October 17th at 5:30 PM. There will be plenty of free food and drinks! We'll have door prizes like t-shirts, heart rate monitors and foam rollers, plus lots of giveaways to your favorite local services like Dowco Enterprises, Supplement Superstore, Fit Flavors and more. We look forward to seeing everyone there and thank you for the support! Get the latest updates for the party here.

Blue Ocean Fitness Gives Back

What is BOF Gives Back? It’s a giving program in which we will donate $50 in honor of anyone who tries our gym for one month. You do not have to join the gym to have this donation in your honor. In addition, you get to choose which non-profit the donation goes to. This is a limited offer for the month of May 2014 only! Why BOF Gives Back? When I started Blue Ocean Fitness, I dreamed of creating an organization centered around leaving the world just a little bit better than we found it. We want to be partners of the Chesterfield community and make differences in the lives of people in need. The goal of this program is to help bring this dream to fruition. For us to be successful and make this kind of a difference in our community from a financial perspective we need opportunities to show prospective customers what we can do. Along with our charity boot camps, and philanthropic events that we sponsor, BOF Gives Back is a tool for us to generate these opportunities. Our prospective clients win because they’re able to indirectly provide resources for a non-profit organization that they’re passionate about.…

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