Move Better Day 6 of 21

Complete each of these three exercises in the order below. Once you have completed all three, repeat them each one more time. Shoulder I, Y, T- 5 repetitions in each position with a 3 second hold Lying Single Leg Pelvic Rotations- 8 repetitions on each side with a 2 second hold Side Open Door- 5 repetitions on each side with a 3 second hold     Total workout time: 6 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfQCn2Dp1BI Coaching points: There are 3 parts to this exercise. During all 3, try to keep from arching your back or picking your head up off the floor. 1) Start face down with your arms straight, close to your ears and thumbs pointed up towards the ceiling (from above you should look like the letter I). Slowly pick the arms up off the floor and hold for 1-3 seconds. Lower back down and repeat for desired number of repetitions. 2) Move arms out to about a 45 degree angle (from above you should look like the letter Y). Repeat the same movement as before slowly picking the arms up off the floor and holding for 1-3 seconds. Lower back down and repeat for desired number of repetitions. 3) 2)…

5 Lessons My Dad Taught Me

Today is a very special day for many of the men out there. I would like to wish all the dad's a very Happy Father's Day! My dad has been a big influence on me becoming the person I am today & I doubt I would be where I am without him. I did my best to not bore you with details, but I wanted to share a few lessons my dad taught me over the years...   The value of hard work. Growing up in the country, I can't count the number of weekend mornings he would wake me up early to work in the yard mowing, picking up sticks, shoveling rock, moving dirt, etc. Basically anything that required physical labor was often delegated to me and you didn't quit until the job was done (or it was too dark to work outside). I hated it at the time (especially during that August heat) but looking back over the years since then, I've never been scared off by the thought of hard work or having to put in long days. Hard work (part 2). My dad managed a road construction business for 20+ years. That meant during the summer…

10 Things we Learned Last Weekend

Last weekend we were fortunate enough to bring in a guest speaker from Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning to host a 2-day educational workshop for our staff. For those not familiar, Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning is regarded by many to be the #1 ranked gym in America. They are on the cutting edge of everything relating to training and well ahead of the curve. Since we had so many clients ask about this opportunity and what we got out of it, I decided to have each person on our team put together some thoughts from the weekend. Below are the 10 biggest takeaways from our workshop that our team either learned or became more aware of. As a society we are constantly in a sympathetic state. Breathing is the quickest way to go into a parasympathetic state and significant changes can happen within 2 minutes. The adult human skeleton is almost completely regenerated every 10 years. With that in mind, we are capable of completely changing our bodies over time; the challenge is that most people are not patient enough to see these changes through. We need to implement more FULL range of motion patterns in our movements. If you…

MyZone Training Program

I am super excited about bringing MyZone to Blue Ocean Fitness! I truly believe this will completely change our training programs and more importantly improve the client results. If you are not familiar with MyZone please continue reading or ask one of the trainers next time you are in the gym! What is MyZone? MyZone is a chest strap monitoring system that tracks your heart rate, calories burned and effort in real time. This technology gives us the insight we need to tailor your physical activity to achieve your fitness goals. MyZone tracks the effort exerted by your heart, which is the most accurate way to measure the intensity of your physical activity. Stress, sleep, food and a number of other factors all affect you physically and can impact your workouts. MyZone gives us a way to help determine when it would be appropriate to push harder and when we need to slow the workout down. The end result is a safer, more appropriate exercise program that can be tweaked based on your daily needs. How much does MyZone cost? A Myzone belt is included with all of our 6-month training programs. If you are an existing client or if you…

Youth Fitness Foundations Program

Our mission: is to teach a sustainable, integrated approach to youth fitness, dedicated to helping each individual reach their fullest, long term potential. To assure we achieve this mission, we base everything around 4 main principles: 1) Emphasize individualized goals and needs in a manner that won’t undermine their body over the years 2) Provide a positive experience 3) Build strength and reduce injuries 4) Educate and teach our methods Group times: Monday- 3:30 & 5:30 Tuesday- 3:30, 4:00 & 4:30 Wednesday- 3:30 & 5:30 Thursday- 3:30, 4:00 & 4:30 Saturday- 10 & 11 Other details: • Customized programs designed around each individual’s goals and needs delivered in a dynamic small group-training environment • Groups limited to keep a small coach to participant ratio • Groups are for boys and girls age 12-18

Success Story: Chris Smaglis

  Blue Ocean Fitness Success Story: Chris Smaglis Enlarge the slideshow above and read how Chris lost over 100 pounds at Blue Ocean Fitness. Way to go, Girl!

Kevin’s Success Story

I have lived in St. Louis for more than 20 years and in that time I have joined 9 different gyms in the area. Currently, I have three different gym fobs on my key ring...But, what makes Blue Ocean Fitness different? I think it come down to RESPECT. Respect for me. Respect for my goals. Respect for my abilities and even my limitations. If you want Jillian Michaels yelling in your ear that you are not trying hard enough – this is not the place. If you are looking for group of people that not only helps you to achieve your goals but also partners with you in your journey, Blue Ocean is the place. The trainers are not screamers but are teachers, instructors, motivators and friends. I think the bottom line is that in the past when I went to a gym to work out, I would usually feel good when I left. With Blue Ocean Fitness, I feel great walking IN the door. The people are that good. --Kevin Carter

New Year New You Challenge Results 2014

We had a total of 31 participants who finished the challenge. They lost a total of 151 pounds! The female winner was Ellen Fleming who lost 8.09% body fat and 12.6 pounds!!! Click here to read Ellen's story. The team winners were Jeff & Rachel Patterson who lost 5.54% body fat and 23.7 pounds!!! Click here to read the Patterson's story. The male winner was Kevin Carter who lost 4.93% body fat and 13.7 pounds!!!

5 Scary Truths about Personal Trainers

Being at Blue Ocean Fitness day in and day out I forget what really goes on in our industry. Recently I was interviewing potential candidates to bring on to our team, which refreshed some memories from my past experiences at other gyms. After lots of questions with multiple people, the interviews were over and I found myself complaining to my girlfriend about things that bother me in the "typical fitness industry". Don’t get me wrong, I have talked with a lot of great people who are genuinely interested in helping others. The problems are not always with individuals. Many big companies have just tainted them by always focusing on where to make that next dollar without regard for the woman that just took out a second mortgage on her house in order to get help losing 40 pounds. That evening after getting off my soapbox, I decided to write out the 5 scariest truths about personal trainers. Here they are for your enjoyment… 1) Most trainers get their ideas from YouTube. Don’t believe me? The fitness industry is full of ego-driven individuals. I remember working at a place years ago where it was always a contest to see which trainer…

12 Days of Christmas Challenge

The 12 Days of Christmas are upon us!  Each day you will receive a new challenge! Be ready!  It starts tomorrow!  Encourage your friends and family to join you!

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