Valentine’s Day 2014
Couples who work out together, live longer!

Blue Ocean Fitness Valentines from keldo19

During my lifetime I have had several periods of regularly working out.  Each time I have lost weight, gained lean muscle and felt healthy.  However, each of those periods has been followed by a time of infrequent exercise.  I typically blame my busy schedule for not being able to make it to the gym, and after a while it just gets easier to make excuses.  So the weight goes back on, and I don’t feel well, either physically or mentally. Each time I start back to the gym, I tell myself this time I will stick with it.

When I started coming to Blue Ocean, I knew several people who were working out there and said they loved it.  I listened to them talk about it for quite a while before I finally decided to give it a shot.  From the first group class I was hooked.  Not only did I feel like I was getting a really great workout, it was FUN!  The other people in the class were friendly and funny.  I wanted to come back.  The community is awesome and I wanted to be part of it.  It was so different from any other gym I had been to in the past.

When I joined it was as part of the New Year Challenge.  During that challenge I lost over 6% of my body weight and LOTS of inches.  I was seeing results and having fun.  I started making it to the gym 5-6 days a week.  Other people noticed the results of that work.  One of the best parts was that my body was changing in ways I never thought possible.  I was losing fat and gaining lean muscle in areas I thought would always be a problem – they always had in the past no matter how hard I worked.

I feel stronger and healthier than I think I ever have and I owe it all to John and the other trainers at Blue Ocean.  The community, laughter and fun I experience when I work out will keep me coming back – I’m afraid if I don’t show up I might miss something good!

-Jennifer F

Blue Ocean Fitness is a unique place where one feels special, cared-for, and “tired to the bone”! However, I always walk away happy & so very glad I have had the experience with the young men who truly care about our health! Especially since I am the oldest person there!!!! I would  recommend BOF to anyone who wants to get healthy along with a lot of laughter!!

-Paula B

My story begins with John several years ago.  I was working out at a gym where John was a trainer.  He stood out from all the others.  When he trained his clients, he was always engaging.  He paid attention and always had a smile.  So I decided I would give him a try.  No surprise, he was fantastic.  He worked with me for about a year and then I decided to go it on my own and as usual I fell off the wagon in no short order.  When I decided to get back into a program, I looked for John but he had moved on.  Fast forward about a year. I received an email from John explaining that he had started his own business doing what he does best.  At the same time, I was planning a trivia night for my grandson who is severely disabled.  I contacted John and without hesitation, he generously donated to the Charlie’s Angles fundraiser and I began my journey with BOF.

On my first day of training in a group class, I met some really wonderful people, people who I now call friends.  The thing that is most noticeable about BOF is how you feel part of something.  It is an amazing experience to see how this small gym is such a BIG family and at the center is the glue, which is John not to mention the others who work with him.  One guy in particular is Jake.  He is always up beat, attentive, engaging, friendly and as an old lady I can say he is definitely on the hot tamale train.  LOL

So John, what ever your formula is, keep it coming.  You deserve the success you are experiencing.  You have worked hard and not only have you built a business based on knowledge, experience, generosity & love but you have also built a family that is definitely growing.  Congratulations.

-Ann L

Walk through the doors of Blue Ocean Fitness and you are likely to see a variety of people doing any number of activities. Ropes, weights, sliders, row machine or overhead throws. That’s the beauty of Blue Ocean. You never know what you will be doing or who you will be doing it with!

Since joining Blue Ocean Fitness I have come to realize some of my goals, adjust some expectations and have fun in the process. John and his staff aren’t just educated trainers, they are counselors, doctors, dietitians and friends.

It won’t take you long to figure out this is not your typical gym. If you are looking for a unique gym experience in a friendly, approachable environment this is it.

-Deb M

BOF literally saved my life. I was at an all time low physically. I walked into BOF and have never looked back. I’m addicted! I sweat and whine and love every minute! My blood pressure is back to normal and my cholesterol has dropped drastically. All my meds have been lowered or dropped. I feel fabulous. My energy level is amazing. Blue Ocean is the perfect “family”. They keep you motivated and on track. Everyone is friendly and encouraging.

-Judy N

I am not an athlete nor have I ever played an organized sport. Nothing inside says “MOVE” or “GET UP” or “LIFT” or “RUN”.  For most of life, I was blessed with the good fortune of a relatively high metabolism.  In my early thirties; however, I put on an enormous amount of weight during my two pregnancies. For the first time in my life, I was forced to not only think about my weight but to watch what I ate on a regular basis. NOT FUN but I was able to lose 50 of the 70 pounds. However, those nasty 20 remaining pounds taunted me. I hated them and they laughed at me. During a routine physical, I begged my doctor for some type of quick fix to shed those bastard 20. No way, he instead asked me something I had never considered, “What do you for exercise”? HUH? Me, exercise? Doesn’t that require getting up, moving, running, lifting? SHIT. How the hell do I do that?

Fast forward to walking into Blue Ocean Fitness, John immediately put me at ease with his knowledge, expertise, approach AND sense of humor. He assured me that he’d be able to help me not only move and exercise but to improve my overall health. I was skeptical at first but determined to give him a shot. He asked me to give him two weeks of consistent work outs and assured me that I’d be hooked by that point. Good luck, big guy. I make no promises.

During my first week, I thought my body was going to break in half. I had trouble going up and down stairs, sitting in chairs and getting out of bed. Having never exercised, my body was in total shock. Moreover, I had no coordination and no idea what the hell I was doing. I broke the treadmill the first time walking on it and instead of getting upset, John replied with a smartass comment and laugh. This instantly put me at ease. When I threw the weighted ball at the trampoline, it hit me in the face. Until that point, I had never really thrown a ball and was truly shocked that it returned with such force! Again, John was right there, helping me improve my coordination but still cracking jokes. My final mishap that first week was bending down to grab another medicine ball unaware of the TRX bar directly above my head.  I hit the damn bar with full force and before I could open my eyes, John was there offering a hand to hold and a joke to laugh at the absurdity.  I couldn’t help but smile and laugh.

I couldn’t believe it; I was exercising and doing so consistently. And, I was having fun. Me, the non-athlete, the non-exerciser, was having fun working out and all before 7 am. Today, after a year of working out with Jake and John at Blue Ocean Fitness, I am proud to say I am hooked. I love working out and it is only because of Blue Ocean Fitness. I walk in the door and they expect a hard work out and I do my best to give them and myself one each and every time. Jake claps at the end of each class and that makes me smile because, for me, exercising does not come naturally. And each time I walk out of Blue Ocean Fitness, I feel like clapping and yelling “ I just kicked so much ass”.

Oh, and I lost those bastard 20 pounds and am down 3 dress sizes.  Which is fine but feeling strong and healthy is more important to me than those numbers.

-Molly G

So what can I say about Blue Ocean Fitness? It has to be one of the most unpleasant experiences and I mean that as a compliment. Having been to a lot of gyms and having trainers “encourage” you, I got to say BOF is the way to go. John is going to yell at you and call you names. He will kick you when your down- literally he has kicked while planking. Don’t get me wrong, I love the place. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. I like that John calls me out, picks on me and keeps it real. I don’t want some toothpick being my cheerleader; I want someone like John and his crew making sure I know when I am not there they notice and when I am there they want to give me heck. At BOF, with hard work you get muscles, the sarcasm is for free.

-Misty L

Pardon the pun, but Blue Ocean Fitness is the “core” of our fitness regime.  We have been regulars at the Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6 a.m. boot camp for 1 ½ years and it’s been sensational!  John and Jake make sure we’re doing exercises with the proper form to ensure we’re getting the most out of our sessions.  The exercise is great for both body and mind but it’s the other regulars that make the experience so much fun.  We look forward to seeing the people three days a week and we’ve become a part of one another’s lives.   Exercising at Blue Ocean Fitness really works for us!

-David and Ruth G

This is the first place I have stuck with for over a year.  I go 4x/wk on average.  Gotta be a great place to be there that often…I am a mom of 3 teenage boys and my time is precious!  This is also the first health club that I have felt comfortable in.  It’s more like family – not a meat market.  We come in all shapes and sizes and ages.  We are a fun community.  Currently, I have lost 33lbs and 22 inches…without any funky diets.  Chronic hip and low back pain is almost non-existent thanks to working out regularly at BOF.  I have much more energy and strength.  The trainers are knowledgeable, professional, personable and approachable.  They love what they are doing and it shows.  They are no intimidating.  John motivates you to make healthy lifestyle changes and isn’t all about the latest fad.  He continues to learn and challenge his clients in a safe manner.  I am never sorry I spent an hour at BOF.  Not EVER!

-Carrie S

In 4 months at BOF, I lost 29lbs of fat, gained 9lbs of muscle and decreased my body fat by 15%.  BOF offers an always changing workout with the flexibility of time. I can show up anytime of day and know a workout planned just for me is waiting!


I was very hesitant to join a gym after having several injuries the many years before.  The last thing I wanted to walk into was a huge gym atmosphere.  When I walked into Blue Ocean Fitness I had the opposite feeling.  I was very upfront with John with my concerns in regards to my prior injuries and wanted to be sure this was right for me.  I have to say I have never been happier to have made that phone call!!   John designs a workout for your own personal needs.  The workouts are different each time you walk in so you never get bored doing the same thing.

I found myself wanting to go to the gym, something I never thought I would say.   Since becoming a member 9 months ago, I feel better, eat healthier, and have dropped 4 sizes.   Everyone at BOF is friendly and supportive, it’s a family!  I highly recommend BOF to anyone looking to lose weight, get into shape, or just lead a healthier lifestyle.

-Patti B

I had been training for a little over a year, was bored, not seeing any changes in my body and wanting a new challenge.  One crisp fall morning I saw someone working out in the parking lot at Blue Ocean Fitness and decided it looked like a place that mixed things up and thought outside the box (or in this case, outside the gym).  I talked to John, and yes, even after meeting him, I decided to give it a try.

It’s been fun and challenging with ever changing workouts.  My core and overall strength has changed dramatically.  I came in wanting to look better, but the real benefit has been in how I feel in my everyday life -lifting, bending, horseback riding, even my posture is better.  John is a master at planning new workouts on a regular basis and they’re never boring.  He’s knowledgeable about injuries, aches & pains, too -just the other day I said, “It hurts when I do this” and he said, “Then don’t do that”!  Miraculously, it doesn’t hurt anymore.

Another reason Blue Ocean works so well for me, is the people.  We work out together, laugh together and encourage one another.  One small compliment from one of them keeps me motivated to try harder and coming back for more. The ‘other’ people that make it worth getting up at 6:00 on Saturday morning are the trainers.  My main squeeze has been Emily.  She’s a delight, laughs at my jokes, rolls her eyes at my jokes and gives me a workout that on occasion makes me swear. She has helped me become the beast I am today (right Em??).  Lori is also very knowledgeable and gives a great workout -as far as I know she’s never rolled her eyes at me, but she’s new and she probably will someday soon.

Good people and great results are found at Blue Ocean Fitness.  If you haven’t tried it, you really should.

-Barb V

My idea of exercise has changed, BOF trainers and staff have created an environment where the workouts are fun and continue to challenge me to increase my fitness level. Thanks to BOF fitness is fun and working out is part of my daily routines!

-Terri B

At times, many of us find ourselves in the same rut, with little or no time for yourself, much less to work out. I am a 41-year-old working mom which certainly keeps me on my toes. I found myself in that rut. More than out of shape, I had no energy and low self-esteem. After going to Blue Ocean Fitness, I instantly felt inspired by the number of people also wanting to change their lives and I loved the challenge. Although it seemed impossible to get up early in the morning, it was the only time I could fit in a workout. My friends would say, ‘you’re crazy, but good for you!’ And strangely enough, that alone gave me a sense of accomplishment. Six weeks into my program when I found out I had lost inches, fat and weight, I just about cried. It wasn’t a mind-boggling loss, but it was enough to make me want to forge ahead. I love seeing myself in the mirror again, and I love how strong I look and feel.


Like many individuals, I have started and stopped more “get in shape commitments” then I would like to admit… until now!  Under John’s guidance, I started with an intermediate program, and progressed my way to Boot Camp.  That was over 1-year ago. It is the longest I have stayed with any workout program.  The success was really twofold:  (1) Being in a small class environment builds friendships and encouragement.  If I did not feel like working out or going to class, there was always someone there to get me pumped up for class.  And I always felt better after class; and (2) John provides the right balance of discipline and fun.  It is a hard workout, but you have an opportunity to move at your own face.  John does a great job at ensuring that each individual in the class is working out at their maximum potential and challenges everyone to reach new levels.  If you are looking to find a program that yield’s results and one that you can stick with — then this is the program for you!!!


I met John Farkas a year ago and signed up for my very 1st Boot Camp Class – a class that was extremely intimidating to me – one that I did not think that I had the physical strength or stamina for….John was the Coordinator for the Group Fitness Classes at the gym that I had been attending and from the very first class I knew that he was a trainer that was very dedicated to his profession – one that was going to work us all hard but also allow us to have fun while we were there! My experience with “boot camp” has been like none other….I have learned how to “work smart” and more efficiently to maximize the benefits of each and every workout. John genuinely cares about each one of his clients and works with them on an individual basis to discuss nutrition and fitness goals. The group classes are a total body workout through a combination of strength training and cardiovascular intervals. The classes are FUN even though they are tough….I keep coming back because John has such a unique sense of humor; he shares a wealth of knowledge with us, and the classes feel like one big “social hour!” I now have many new workout buddies who help keep me accountable on days when I am not training with John. Since training with John, I have seen so many positive changes in my body. I have a much leaner body composition, have lost several inches and am fitting into much smaller clothing sizes! I have more energy and feel better now in my 40’s than I did in my 30’s! If you are ready to improve your overall fitness and achieve your goals, then I highly recommend John Farkas and Blue Ocean Fitness. He will provide you with exceptional customer service and help tailor an indvidual program that best fits your needs.


“I love the group classes I’ve taken with John Farkas!  They are absolutely the best changes I’ve made for myself fitness-wise in a long time.  I can actually see changes in my body shape!!  I’m a cardio nut, but John forced me to embrace weights and it has changed me forever (and for the best).  His energy is what sets him apart, though.  He makes you smile, and you always leave happier than when you arrived.  The class pushes me to do exercises I wouldn’t normally do on my own, and John always encourages people to push through that last set with good humor and a smile.  He’s simply the best and what he does. Thank you John Farkas!”


I met John a little over a year ago after joining a very well known and respected gym in the Chesterfield area. At that time, he was the director of the group fitness program in which I was interested in participating. I was a bit apprehensive, as I knew my fitness level had substantially decreased over the years with age and lack of exercise. I was also concerned in regards to the additional cost of a group fitness class on top of my gym membership fees. John took the time to sit down with me, discuss all options, complete an initial body-fitness analysis, and recommend a program based on my desired results in a fitness program. Still reluctant, John invited me to participate in various groups at no charge to see which one best fit my needs. Needless to say, I joined his boot-camp class as I found it to be the most challenging, yet fun and motivating class.

I remained in this class for a year, and have since lost over 10% body fat and increased my endurance and strength to a level I thought unattainable. I have never stuck with a program for a sufficient length of time see and feel the results I got from John’s boot camp. He has a way of motivating his clients through humor and sarcasm as well as changing up the exercises on a daily basis. He also works to each individual’s fitness level by offering several alternatives to complete a particular exercise demonstrates the proper form, and offer explanation as to what muscle group we are targeting and intended results. In addition, John is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition and keeps himself educated on all the latest research and exercise trends. He shares this knowledge with his clients and if there is a question he does not know the answer to (which does not occur often), he will research it, find the answer and discuss it with you at your next class.

John’s classes not only offer a fun, social atmosphere, but he makes you accountable for your participation or lack thereof, through friendly text messages or e-mails inquiring about your absence or multiple absences from class. He accepts very few excuses and gets you back on track and motivated to attend class on a regular basis. In addition, John tailored his schedule to meet mine (which changed on a frequent basis) and even offered additional weekend classes on his day off and at no additional charge to his clients. I found him to be more concerned about me and my individual results as opposed to just going through the motions of his job. His clients were and will continue to be his number one priority.

I highly recommend John and Blue Ocean Fitness. Whether you are just beginning and exercise program or are an avid exercise enthusiast, John will work toward your individual needs by providing you all the tools and motivation necessary to make a lifestyle change. I am thrilled with my results and can even say I now enjoy exercise. It only took me 35 years to get here, but thanks to John, I do not plan to go back!


I have been working with John for over eight months.  During this time I have lost over twenty pounds!  I really enjoy the group workouts because John keeps us motivated and moving the entire time.  I tend to get bored with the same workout and the same thing every week.  John is always coming up with new routines and different exercises to keep my workout interesting.  I look forward to working out with him and my teammates each week.  Thanks for everything John; keep up the good work!


I trained with John’s group fitness classes and they were always motivating and filled with different exercises that really kept you engaged. I never once even felt like I was in a class because John provides personal encouragement to all his clients. He was the first trainer I have ever worked with that really focused on keeping you motivated. I cannot say enough of how excited I am to be able to work with John for results and laughs. He makes working out fun and inventive. John is the best and truly cares about each client and their fitness goals.


My experience with John Farkas has been unbelievable from the very beginning! I had always been very skeptical about joining a gym, mostly because of the intimidation that came with it. John has made my weight-loss experience one that I will never forget, and one that I know I will always have continued success with from everything that he has taught me.

My very first experience in the gym with John was in a weight-loss class. I was a brand new member, and was pretty nervous to be jumping into something so structured right away. The second I met John, I felt very comfortable in my new surroundings as well as with him as a person. Not only did he make me laugh with the first thing he said, he has kept me laughing 5 days a week and 6 months later! I had never been a “gym person” for many reasons, but once John came into the picture, I knew my experience would be worthwhile. After only knowing him for a week, I started training personally with him twice a week as well as taking his weight loss class three times a week, which has allowed me to have great success in losing weight and becoming healthy. Not only has he helped me with exercising, he has also helped me with the nutritional aspect of weight loss as a whole, which is also a big factor in the weight loss process.

Throughout my 6 months with John, I have learned that I can push myself to levels above and beyond what I ever have before while learning new things about myself that will help me with achieving my ultimate weight loss goal, and to grow as a person. Without John’s amazing ability to engage his clients, give them the workout they are looking for, and be the amazing person that he is, I know I would not be where I am today in regards to my weight-loss and happiness as a whole.


I have worked out with several trainers over the years.  Each time things would start out well at the beginning but as I continued and as they increased the challenges- I would end up getting injured- which would then put me sidelined and frustrated for weeks if not months.  We all want to be fit at any age.  We want to be challenged beyond what we think we can do.  But we don’t want to wind up on the DL for months because someone trained us with a “one-size-fits-all” mentality.   But I’ve worked out with John for about a year.  I have not only seen a real change in my body and my fat-muscle ratio, I have not gotten injured!  I find his workouts to be challenging but appropriate for my physical abilities and limitations.  In a group fitness setting he has the unique ability to pay attention to each of us- noting our particular weaknesses and gives alternative exercises to those with back, arm, knee issues.  John provides lots of variety in our workouts, which is great not only for muscle confusion but really keeps things interesting and fun and makes us want to come back!


I have always been weary of working out with trainers…. in my experience trainers are bossy, cocky and a little annoying. Well enter John Farkas! John has figured out a way to motivate, challenge and still be engagingly friendly.

I’ve never worked out so hard before! If you want to have fun, get a great work out and lose some lbs….John ‘s your man.


I have tried so many ways to “get in shape” and nothing ever worked until I started training with John Farkas.  I still can’t believe the difference, not only in my body, but also in my attitude about exercise.  I never understood people who said they loved to work out but now I do.  John makes working out enjoyable and that is a miracle!  He makes it productive…I’ve lost weight, I’m stronger and I feel so much better.  He is a miracle worker!!!


I LOVE how hard I am pushed. I work out A Lot, in general, so I’m sometimes skeptical of “group classes”, but I am pushed every class. I work much harder than I do alone, and I enjoy the different exercises we do (body weight, kettle bells, dumbbells, sprinting, etc). The other participants are also really nice, and I look forward to coming to class, even after crazy, 13 hour work days .


Boot Camp makes working out both fun and challenging.  Each week builds upon the previous week.  From a personal perspective, I have lost weight, toned/firmed — and more importantly; committed to the program.  It is also a great way to make friends that there are to motive each other.


I get a whole body workout and get a very good workout.  I’m sweaty and tired at the end.  It’s helping me lose weight.  But, it’s not working any particular set of muscles so much that I have problems doing my weights, running or swimming.  I’m learning ways to use equipment in the gym that I’ve never used before like the TRX and learning new ways to use equipment like the medicine balls and bosu balls.  I’m also learning more ways to work the same muscles.  Example, I’m still always doing lunges and squats but there’s always some new twist to it or a different way to combine it with upper body.  Lots of variety, lots of muscle confusion!!  Boot camp is also helping me be a better runner, a better swimmer and helping me with my weights.


Well, since I’m just beginning my 3rd Boot Camp, I guess must like it!  I enjoy the group experience…meeting people and working out together…sweating, laughing, complaining…but enjoying every minute of it. Having a sense of “being accountable” to the group forces me to get to class on a regular basis.  I enjoy the variety of the workouts as well…. No two classes are EVER the same.  John makes going to class about as enjoyable as it can be (ha)…. He is a great trainer and he knows how to have fun and make sure we are all getting a good workout in.  He’s also very good about answering all of our individual questions regarding our personal fitness goals, what is causing our aches and pains, why our heart rate monitors aren’t working, etc.  Plus, I’m seeing results in my own fitness levels, how my clothes fit, etc.  YEAH!!!!!!


I participate in the class because I need the discipline and motivation it provides.  On my own, I can think of a hundred things I need to do instead of exercising.  By being a part of the class, I feel accountable to the instructor and my classmates, which causes me to attend even if I don’t feel like it. Plus, when I am there, I push myself a lot harder than I would if I exercised on my own.  Also, I participate in the class because I don’t have to plan out my exercises and figure anything out…that is all done for me so all I have to do is show up.


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