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What We’re Working On For 2022

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Brevity isn’t always one of my strengths but I did my best to keep this as concise as possible. Here’s a little preview of 4 things we have in the works for this coming year…

Minor Gym Remodel

The check cleared! Now it’s just a waiting game. Sometime in late January, we’ll be getting a delivery and things will look a little different around the gym. Nothing major… no walls are coming down, but we are excited about the upgrades that will help us deliver a better experience, give everyone a little more room to work, and expand what we can do.

Monthly Fitness Challenges

The goal here is to provide different ways to measure progress and keep things “fun” and exciting. Yes, I use the term “fun” loosely. Each month we have a different fitness challenge planned… similar to what we’ve been recently doing during each week of our Holiday Challenge.

Don’t overthink it. These are just different ways to mix things up and show clients how they are improving. Some are more strength-focused, others more about endurance, and a few target a little bit of both. Not everything would be appropriate for each individual but we’ll talk you through all that when the time comes.

For example, one month will be a push-up or plank challenge, the next could be a ride on the bike for a specific distance, the next could be a sled push for time… fun times!

Throughout the month, we’ll provide updates on how everyone is doing, explain what the numbers will tell you, and point out ways you can improve moving forward.

Again, this is all optional but great ways to see how you’re improving over time!

Nutrition Coaching

With the help of Ben who has been studying nutrition in great detail the last several years, this is for clients who want to go more in-depth with their nutrition and accountability.

The biggest difference compared to what we’ve done in the past is that this will provide you with a specific meal plan based on your goals and caloric needs. The meal plan will be updated regularly and you’ll also receive ongoing coaching and accountability to ensure you’re on track.

This is a paid service and space is very limited because it does require a high level of attention to detail, however, we are offering a discount with our initial group launching in mid-January.

More details to come!

Fitness Over 50 Program

More than anything, this is a passion project very personal to me. About six years ago my father suffered his first of several strokes. Since then, it’s been all downhill in regards to his health. The entire experience of him being in and out of hospitals and seeing how it has impacted his life has taught me 3 things…

  1. A life of sickness is not a life you want to live. My father is so weak he’ll never be able to hold his grandson. He can’t travel beyond a short distance so visiting my brother or I is out of the question. He’s hunted and fished his entire life until things went downhill. In a nutshell, his quality of life sucks and it’s because he took his health for granted.
  2. It’s never going to be a good time to exercise. For the last 20+ years, I heard about how he planned to start exercising right after ____ (things warmed up, things cooled down, he got more free time, he retired, right after the holidays, etc). The truth is, there will never be a good time to exercise. You have to make it a priority and start now.
  3. Conversations around aging are uncomfortable. Most people would rather avoid them at all costs because talking about death or getting older is not enjoyable. I get it – I don’t like it either. However, I believe those conversations are a lot less uncomfortable than having to visit sick family members in the hospital or talking to someone about a recent death in the family.

These are not comfortable things to share but I believe they are needed. My reason for sharing is because I want people to be proactive about their health/fitness to do everything they can to stack the odds in their favor so they can enjoy a better quality of life with the time they have remaining.

This isn’t anything “new” necessarily in regards to what we do in the gym. There are some slight changes to how we approach our workouts but some of the changes have already been implemented. What is new, is that we’re talking about it more publicly and providing more education on the subject.

One thing we’ve tried to improve over the years is how we cater to the needs of different clients given their circumstances. Specific to clients over 50, the conversation begins to shift. We spend less time talking about fat loss and more time talking about quality of life. We want to ensure we’re doing everything possible to keep clients strong for many years to come!

How we do that is by incorporating 4 different components of fitness into our workouts…

The 4 Components of Fitness

  1. Total body strength training– To anyone currently at BOF, this is nothing new. This is the foundation of everything we do. Compared to what people commonly see or do in most gym environments, this is a completely different approach designed to maximize functional strength that carries over to everyday activities and allows you to better do the things you want to do.
  2. Low impact metabolic conditioning– This means trading in or cutting back on the running and/or other high impact exercises and replacing them with lower impact alternatives that will still elevate the heart rate.
  3. Flexibility and mobility– One thing is for certain, the older we get the worse our bodies tend to move. By incorporating stretches that target specific areas, we can minimize this loss of range of motion making it easier to get up and down from the ground, tie your shoes, and do the thousands of other activities we often take for granted until it’s too late.
  4. Balance– Of the 4 components, a decline in balance is probably the most noticeable change people feel as they get older. This has huge ramifications if not addressed as falls are the leading cause of fatal injury among Americans over the age of 65 and 1/4th of Americans over 65 fall each year. While it’s not a fun topic to talk about, this is something that should be taken seriously because a fall can be a life altering event.

I know this is a lot but I wanted to explain what we’re doing. I’ve already received a ton of questions about this because we’re advertising it online. If you’re 50+ and want to discuss how this could apply to you, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask!


I’m super excited about the year ahead and can’t wait to see how everything comes together! We have an amazing community of people and I know that we’re going to accomplish great things together!

Thank you for being a part of our journey and letting us assist you on yours.

This is the beginning of anything you want. Join Blue Ocean Fitness today!

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