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Do This To Minimize Decision Fatigue

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Is decision fatigue hindering your success? Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You start the day off on the right track and have your sights set on a successful day.

Early morning workout goes according to plan.

A healthy breakfast leaves you feeling full of energy.

You opt for a salad at lunch while your co-workers chose the burger and fries.

Protein shake and apple for an afternoon snack.

Everything is going according to plan…

Everything that is until you get home from a long day at work and cave in to temptation smashing a pint of ice cream (or glass of wine, or chips and salsa, or pizza, or whatever else is constantly tempting you).

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone.

Decision fatigue is a real battle. As the day winds on and the decisions add up, eventually it gets harder to make good choices. That’s why more times than not, the evening hours tend to be the most difficult to stay on track with our nutrition.

It’s for this very reason I’m a big advocate of keeping bad foods out of reach.

Whatever the food or drink is that tends to throw you off track, don’t make it so easy to cave into temptation. Even better, keep it out of the house completely so that you really have to work for it. Each barrier you can put between you and whatever it is that’s tempting you is another step towards making the right decision.

We all have good intentions but when decision fatigue sets in, making healthier choices isn’t always easy to do.

Best thing you can do is save your willpower and keep things far away.

Something to think about.

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